• Latinophobia Growing at an Alarming Rate
    Across the country, more people are accepting the idea of barring the entry of immigrants from the Global South into the United States
  • What Really Happened to Rasheem Carter?
    Police claim there was no foul play in Rasheem Carter’s death, but the facts in the Taylorsville, Mississippi case point to a possible lynching
  • How the Media is Driving Xenophobia in Liberal Spaces
    Reports making it seem like things are out of control at the Southern border are driving anti-Black and anti-Latino xenophobia
  • Voter Intimidation In 2022
    Voter Intimidation in 2022 follows a long history of illegal, and racist, bullying
  • Census Data Hides Racial Diversity of U.S. ‘Hispanics’
    The better we understand the nuances of this large population, the better we will understand who we are as a nation – and benefit more fully from our diversity.
  • Days After a Racist Terrorist Attack Society Is Ready to Move On
    Day after a racist terrorist attack, society is ready to move on as Civil War trends on social media
  • Oklahoma Cops Charged in Shooting of Quadry Sanders
    Two former police officers were arraigned Friday morning on charges of first-degree manslaughter
  • White Refugees Are Welcome, Everyone Else Must Stay Away
    The quick and broad acceptance of Ukrainian refugees exposes the United States’ racism at the highest levels
  • World Leaders Expose Global White Supremacy
    Many have focused on media bias surrounding the war in Ukraine, but European leaders have also expressed racial and ethnic animus
  • Twitter Signals to Racists, Hate Speech Is Okay
    An increased flow of hateful vitriol has been invading the platform and Twitter Safety is intent on allowing it
  • The Root of Demonizing the Victims of Police Brutality
    The recent murders by police of a young Black male and a Latino teenager expose the underbelly of America’s inherent racism
  • Covert Racism on Display
    Bill Maher’s interview with Sharon Osbourne is how covert racism operates in society
  • When Black Cops Kill…
    Justice is often determined by the victim’s race
  • The Nashville Terrorist Attack Was a Warning
    What the outcome teaches us and our enemies about vulnerabilities in our response to terrorist attacks within the U.S (Originally published in the AfroSapiophile on Medium) The terrorist attack in downtown Nashville exposed significant logistical impairments in the security of our infrastructure. The blast was effective in impeding emergency services from 911 to interagency communications […]
  • White Rage Strikes Again
    As racial violence again begins to escalate, America must come to terms with the racial hate that exists across the country.
  • 2 No-Knock Warrants; 3 People Killed; 2 Very Different Results
    (Originally Published on Medium) Is race a driving factor in prosecuting cops for police brutality? Researching and studying injustice in America is exhausting. Addressing the myriad ways in which the state-sponsored system allows racism to infect every aspect of American society is no small task. Particularly, discussing the law-enforcement apparatus and how it disproportionately targets […]
  • What Racial Injustice Really Looks Like in America
    The oppressive over-policing of minority communities is just the beginning
  • Being An Anti-Racist Requires Breaking Your Silence
    (Originally published on Medium) If you’re not calling out racism in your community, it’s time to start. Americans across the country were shocked after watching the extrajudicial murder of Ahmaud Arbery as it was broadcast all over social media. Equally shocking was the determination that the video was released in an attempt to vindicate the […]