• Latinos and White Supremacy
    While it’s nothing new to our communities, people are expressing doubt about Latinos following white nationalist ideologies
  • Latinos, White Supremacy, and Uvalde
    How white supremacy impacted the response to a terrorist attack in Uvalde, Texas
  • Latinos Must Rethink Their Proximity to Whiteness
    In the wake of two terrorist attacks, Latinos have to change how we view and interact with white power structures
  • Latino Extremism and the Quest to be Accepted by White America
    Nick Fuentes and Enrique Tarrio are just two of the more prominent and well known Latino white nationalists
  • Republicans React to Immigration Reform With Xenophobia
    After several Democrats suggested immigrants will lift the economy and lower inflation, conservatives responded with anti-immigrant rhetoric
  • ‘White Culture’ is a Tool of White Supremacy
    Whiteness and white culture are social constructs that uphold white supremacy. As a Latino with olive-colored skin, and with Afro-Latinos making up a large portion of my family, I can’t identify as a White Latino as many others do. I simply cannot. Whiteness in America has never been welcoming of Latinos who express our Latinidad, … Read more
  • Will Latinos Ever Coalesce For Our Collective Socio-Political Power?
    Many Latinos in America denounce being labeled as a collective n a recent article I wrote for Latino Rebels titled, White Latinos Don’t Exist, Wannabes Do, I discussed how Latinos who shed their Latinidad (Latino-ness) to identify as white are detrimental to the success of the Latino community in America. As is typical of social media performative … Read more
  • Tips to Help Battle Anxiety and Depression Through a Time of Crisis
    (Originally Published on Medium) The current international crisis is mentally taxing for everyone. But those of us with mental health issues are struggling even more. Surely everyone feels a sense of anxiety when they walk into the grocery store and see what feels like miles of empty shelves. Maybe even a little depression. For most, … Read more
  • The Latino Threat Narrative
    Donald Trump announced that there is a crisis at our southern border (there isn’t) and has declared a state of emergency. A baseless declaration with the intent of stoking fear among those who wouldn’t know any better. Let’s not mince words here. This is white supremacy at work. There is no crisis just as there … Read more