• Americans Are Awfully Quiet About the 15-Year-Old Who Killed Five
    As extremism continues to grow, the mass murder in Raleigh, North Carolina was barely a blip on the national media’s radar
  • Let’s Talk About Maintaining Coalitions
    There have been recent discussions on social media regarding Black and Latino communities coming together both socially and politically
  • Congress Is Ignoring the Rise in Police Violence
    After the 2020 worldwide civil rights protests against racial injustice in the U.S., police brutality is on the rise
  • Let’s Talk About Advocacy Journalism
    While objectivity is a core value in journalism, when we witness injustice we have a moral obligation to call it what it is
  • Ethnonationalism is the Inevitable Afterbirth of White Supremacy
    An issue civil society doesn’t talk about enough, ethnonationalism is ripping the United States apart
  • Cops Don’t Stop Mass Shooters, Community Investments Do
    A mass shooter opened fire in a New York City subway on April 12, 2022, and suddenly, once again, it feels like everybody wants more police.
  • A Better Use of $5 Trillion
    How the 724 billionaires in the U.S. can use their wealth for good
  • Let’s Talk About ‘Assimilation’
    Talk of assimilation is a tool of white supremacy which oftentimes uses non-white people to promote white power structures
  • Brooklyn Terrorist Highlights America’s Biggest Weaknesses
    Guns + propaganda + dog-whistles = extremist attacks
  • No-Knock Warrants, a Relic of the ‘War on Drugs’
    Protests in Minneapolis over the death of a 22-year-old man during a police raid have reignited debate over the role of so-called “no-knock warrants.”
  • Climate Change Could Enable Alaska to Grow More of its Own Food
    Gardeners in Alaska know that it’s hard to grow big, juicy tomatoes here. But as the climate rapidly warms in the far north, that could change.
  • Behind the 11 Oath Keepers Charged with Sedition Are Many More Who Have Been Trained by the US Military
    The Oath Keepers were founded by Rhodes in 2009 as an anti-government group in response to the Obama presidency.
  • Efforts to Erase MLK’s Legacy Continue Today
    Holidays to commemorate the Confederacy and constant misquoting are evidence of efforts to sanitize Dr. King’s true legacy
  • Ancient Aliens Is At the Forefront of Anti-Intellectualism
    The speculative ancient astronaut theory is driven by dubious connections and few facts
  • End-of-Life Conversations Can Be Hard, But Your Loved Ones Will Thank You
    Death – along with taxes – is one of life’s few certainties. Despite this inevitability, most people dread thinking and talking about when, how or under what conditions they might die.
  • The Importance of Maintaining Space to Accelerate Culture
    Respecting our cultural identities is a key factor in building meaningful relationships
  • But What Are White People Doing?
    The responses to a recent article asking what happened to all the White allies brought up a better question: what are allies doing? In my antiracism work, I often expose how and when White people and the people in my own community (the Cuban American diaspora) regularly act to uphold white supremacy. Yes, it’s unpopular […]
  • Denouncing Ted Cruz
    As a Cuban-American writer and journalist, it is my duty to denounce the bigotry of Ted Cruz and Cuban-Americans like him.
  • What You Should Know About The Proud Boys
    Who the Proud Boys are and what they stand for is far from the binary thoughts that have recently been published across many media platforms. Here’s what you need to know. Some of you may know the history of the Proud Boys going back to its founder Gavin McInnes. Also a co-founder of VICE Media, […]
  • The Financial Burden of Police Misconduct
    Originally published on Medium on September 9, 2020 The broad implications of police misconduct include a staggering financial burden The outlay of police misconduct is often measured in human costs. Whether it’s a loss of life, lasting trauma as a victim or a victim’s family, or the harm it does to entire communities. What is […]
  • Police and White Rage Result in Murder on the Streets of Kenosha
    Anti-Black Lives Matter extremists continue to exploit protests by starting riots, burning buildings, and committing murder In June, I warned of the white supremacist infiltration of Black Lives Matter protests and the wave of destruction left in their wake. For years I’ve consistently issued reminders of the growing numbers of hate groups and how easily they recruit and […]
  • Exploiting a White Child’s Death
    Immediately after news broke of the horrifying murder of Cannon Hinnant, many began to propagandize his death to undermine Black Lives Matter. **Content Warning: Anti-Black racist memes** The recent murder of Cannon Hinnant left many Americans in shock. The tragedy of his terrifying death has been on many people’s minds. Despite that, some are struggling with […]
  • You May Act Like You Hate Migrants…
    Originally posted at Medium on April 10, 2019 You may act like you hate migrants but your wife loves to eat strawberries; your kids love having fruit snacks; and you enjoy your steaks on the grill. You may act like you hate migrants but you love going to that ethnic restaurant; pretending to speak the […]