I’m pretty sure most people know that as soon as you do something like run for political office, let alone president, you expose yourself and your financials to the scrutiny that comes with that decision. From Jimmy Carter’s peanut farm and the Bush family’s business dealings to Bill and Hillary Clinton’s real estate ventures and Barack Obama’s entire existence, we all know more about the people who run this country’s private lives largely because of their politicization.

For most people, the thought of such scrutiny is scary. For the boss of a criminal organization, this should be the mother of all red flags, especially for someone who’s been the subject of dozens of crimes and lawsuits over several decades. A person like that should be less likely to make such a dumb move. Why run for office when you can just buy or support politicians who will look out for your interests? That’s how most corpora… I mean, corrupt people do it, right?

Enter Donald Trump

Trump is and has always been an attention whore. The man who once supported Democrats including the Clintons, decided to switch sides and go full Klansmen. He went from attacking former president Barack Obama for being Black to going after Latinos under the ignorant view that describes all of us as Mexican immigrants (not unlike the Klan did). And it was only a matter of time before he started targeting other nonwhite communities, which he so enthusiastically did.

Despite everything he could have criticized Obama for regarding policy, no one could have been more obvious over their disdain for the former president being Black than Donald Trump. You can hem and haw and try to make excuses about whether or not you agree with that assessment, but the dude was pretty blatant about it. It’s futile as hell to deny at this point. To try and pretend he’s a friend to any nonwhite community – especially the Black community – takes some serious mental gymnastics.

But let’s be real, he didn’t just hate Obama for being Black. He hated Obama because he was a Black man who also pulled off what Trump tried so many times to do: he became president. This made firing up the anti-Black and anti-Obama folks who make up the majority of his base easy to mobilize when he just couldn’t stand the thought of being outdone by a Black man anymore. It was easy because all of the racism, bigotry, and nationalism were built in.

Along with his cohort of liars, morons, and propagandists employing Klan-like rhetoric, all Trump had to do was sprinkle in trigger words like socialism and communism followed by wokeness and critical race theory – neither of which they seem to know anything about – to keep most of those voters salivating at the thought of not just beating “the libs” in elections but doing them physical harm in the real world. All because a Black man showed him up.

Wild, right?

Enter Trump’s Ego

What made Trump do the dumbest thing any criminal can do? His ego, of course. 

Now, imagine how much damage Trump’s ego took when Obama roasted him in 2011 during the White House Correspondents Dinner. Based on Trump’s reaction, or lack thereof, it was brutal for him to endure. While conservatives and liberals alike laughed, Trump was seemingly boiling over that night. For him, it was not so funny. And for a bully, that was all it took.

Trump has a long history of being an intimidator and provocateur. He’s always treated his own people like shit, women even worse. The history of his and his family’s racism has been front and center for decades. What wasn’t at the forefront of conversations before Trump ran for president were his businesses or his finances. And everyone knows that when you run for president, all that is scrutinized more than it is for anyone else.

Trump ignored the prospect of getting busted because he was driven by an innate need to one-up the Black guy who not only outdid him but humiliated him as well. Trump’s Klannish lifestyle wouldn’t allow him to let that one go. Obama went too far. He made it a real beef in Trump’s eyes. So much so that Trump would later prove how bothered he was by all of it once in the White House.

Trump started rolling back everything he could that happened under Obama. He even tried to outdo Obama to claim the “Deporter in Chief” title but failed to pull that off. In fact, he was unable to roll back all of the things he wanted to because some were laws passed by Congress. But even then, with all the Trumpism and rabid support for Trump and despite there being plenty of policy to criticize Obama for, the latter is still far more celebrated than the former – by a long shot.

And Then It All Came Down

Meanwhile, as he was focused on payback against not just Obama, but anyone who voted for him, Trump’s personal life was unraveling. Stories about him that were buried began to trickle out. Lawsuit after lawsuit, some preexisting to when he decided to run, started becoming the focus of conversations around the world. His business practices became more scrutinized as stories of his failure to pay contractors and his myriad bankruptcies took center stage.

Maybe, he began to realize just how screwed his life was. Maybe, that’s why he refused to accept losing to Joe Biden. Maybe, he tried overthrowing the government to protect himself from criminal prosecution. Maybe, he tried to protect himself from crimes like he only knows how to do: by committing more crimes, intimidating people, and provoking his base to go on the attack against anything that isn’t 100% pro-Trump all the time.

Forget maybe. That’s actually what he did.

While Trumpers go on about his convictions being a sham and how the system was weaponized against him while throwing around words like “lawfare” (another word they lack the context for), it’s past time to admit that the man is a criminal and always has been. He’s a supposed billionaire who like all other billionaires doesn’t give a damn about you. He cares about one thing and one thing only: Donald Trump.

At the end of the day, he could have lived the rest of his life as a gangster and gotten away with it. Hardly anyone would have batted an eye or cared enough to really scrutinize his personal and professional like that. But the dumbass did this to himself. He had to let his ego get in the way. He had to try and one-up a Black man and invoke the racism in so many people’s minds to divide this country in a way we haven’t seen in decades.

Meanwhile, he’s taking people’s money to defend himself from himself.

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