Texas Governor Greg Abbott has made clear that he feels Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) efforts discriminate against white people. Once again, the racist “white replacement” conspiracy theory is driving policy to the detriment of non-white groups. This comes on the heels of attacks on broad categories of books that don’t center on whiteness and colonialism.

A letter from the governor’s office serves as a warning to state agencies and public universities that the use of DEI initiatives is “illegal” when hiring employees. Essentially, his office argues that policies supporting historically underrepresented groups discriminate against certain demographic groups. And while they never specify which groups they’re talking about, everyone knows it’s white people. Their speeches are riddled with coded language.

Gov. Abbott’s chief of staff Gardner Pate’s memo tells state agency leaders that DEI policies violate federal and state employment laws and they have “been manipulated to push policies that expressly favor some demographic groups to the detriment of others.” Pate continued by arguing that hiring cannot be based on factors “other than merit.

The innocuous-sounding notion of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) has been manipulated to push policies that expressly favor some demographic groups to the detriment of others,” wrote Pate. “Indeed, rather than increasing diversity in the workplace, these DEI initiatives are having the opposite effect and are being advanced in ways that proactively encourage discrimination in the workplace. Illegally adding DEI requirements as a screening tool in hiring practices or using DEI as a condition of employment leads to the exclusion and alienation of individuals from the workplace.”

Pretty terrifying, right? But wait, there’s more!

In addition, a Republican proposal barring citizens from China, Iran, North Korea, or Russia from owning property in Texas is also picking up steam. Republican Sen. Lois Kolkhorst filed Senate Bill 147 in November 2022. The bill states, “purchase of or acquisition of title to real property by certain foreign individuals or entities [is] prohibited.” The bill goes further to clarify that “an individual who is a citizen of China, Iran, North Korea, or Russia” can not own property.

What’s happening in Texas, Florida, and other states is clearly an effort to bolster white power structures in a country that white people think is getting browner every day. The truth is, the US was always a Black and Brown country until colonizers crossed the pond. The motivations to create fears about replacing white people are obvious. That they think some secret cabal of “Mexicans” (as they refer to nearly every immigrant) is working with Jews to replace them.

To say it’s absurd is to be nice about it.

It’s not only nonsensical but breaking the surface of such idiocy allows you to see just how ridiculous the notion is. However, Gov. Abbott thinks he’s at the forefront of this supposed takeover and he’s convinced Republican voters that the humanitarian crisis created by barbaric and cruel US immigration policies at the border is somehow an “invasion” of Texas.

The stupidity is astounding. Yet, believers are aplenty.

Hate is big business, after all.

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Arturo Dominguez

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